Monday, October 10, 2011


The Occupy DC movement hasn't been nearly as large or successful as the Occupy Wall St. movement, but over the weekend, things reportedly got a bit rowdy, and police resorted to tear gas. By Monday, Occupy DC's protest permit for Freedom Plaza had expired, and a lot of people cleared off, fearing arrest. What was left was a hodgepodge of activist groups protesting everything imaginable. The overarching narrative remained in opposition to warmongering, corporate bailouts and tax breaks, and in favor of job creation. But there were also a lot of signs for anti-war, pro-feminism, DC voting rights, anti-death penalty, anti-tobacco, and, well, you name it. Occupy DC has been branded a mass of "unwashed hippies," but it can't be denied that they have pretty good points.

CORRECTION: With a big thanks to a brief explanation from a friend (who shall henceforth bear the burden of being my editorial board), I must amend the above paragraph. Despite being covered with "Occupy DC" signs throughout Freedom Plaza, this demonstration is actually "Stop the Machine." Occupy DC is located in McPherson Square. I'll try to bring you updates on both.

PS. On a completely different note...there's more from Oxford at On Meandering.

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