Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Love Under the Umbrellas: The True Story of Hillary and Joe

Oh, Joe, you're so funny!
You may remember a few months ago when I visited the White House and took a picture of Secretary Clinton with Joe Biden (and also this one of President Obama...#humblebrag).  That original shot was actually one in a series which I posted on Facebook as a pictorial love story.  I kept getting emails saying , "You should put those on your blog!"  So, by popular demand, I give you the overly satirical Love Under the Umbrellas: The True Love Story of Hillary and Joe.  

And so charming.

Really, I'm blushing.

*Deep voice* Would you like to dance, Hillary?

You're such a great dancer, Joe.

Even our umbrellas have chemistry.

If I could just touch those beautiful lips.

Oh yeah? Prove it big boy.

Joseph Biden!

I am not that kind of girl! *hand on hip*

I said "no," Joe.
I didn't mean anything by it, Hill!

I'll have you know...

Oh, what am I saying? I can't fight it. I have to run my fingers through your soft, silvery hair.
H: Oh no, a camera! We were just...uh...rehearsing! Yeah, that's it! Rehearsing! For a play!

J: You're going to email me those later, right?

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