Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mocha and Motorcade

When you live in DC, you have to learn to deal with the traffic, which is almost always backed up because of the Presidential motorcade.  Even if you're not on the street, but tucked away working in a charming, funky coffee shop, the buzz of six motorcycle cops followed by 12 black vehicles, an ambulance, and at least two police cars is enough to distract you from your book. You know you've lived here for a while if you know who's in the cars by the number of motorcycles riding out front. People in DC like to be nonchalant about it, or even perpetually grumpy--both dispositions are cool in DC.  But the truth is, living in a city where the President of the United States buzzes on a regular basis, is more of a rush than a double espresso.

The shot is a bit blurry because it's a still from the video below.  fyi, the President usually travels in the second car. 


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  1. My daughter lived on 16th Street, about six blocks north of the White House, for eighteen months and these mad dashes were a bit of a nuisance.