Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Exterior of the Office of the Day

So here's my confession: Sometimes I take long breaks because I don't have much time to take photos. And sometimes I have a whole queue of photos just waiting to be posted. The problem is that I'm a writer. And writers like to write things. It's a compulsive thing. I'm also a big nerdy academic, and I want to go all big nerdy academic on here, without actually having time to write.

My new summer schedule should allow me more time for both. Hurrah!! But no promises... Until then, here's a picture of the outside of my frequent Office of the Day, with a tiny bit of big nerdy thrown in for good measure. Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural ball was held in this building.


  1. Thanks! I'm currently preparing for a few days in September when my Office of the Day will be in Oxford. I hope I can make it back down to Winchester while I'm on that side of the water.