Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Daydreams and Fountains

Continuing with the theme of yesterday's post, the fountain at the National Gallery of Art's Sculpture Garden is the perfect place for daydreaming. I suppose the first pretense is that I'm going there to read, and I usually do get through a page or two...but most of the time I watch the water and the people, listen to the giggle of children, and just enjoy the spray of mist picked up by a gust of wind. It reminds me of afternoons spent in the Tuileries in my early twenties, writing in my leather journal about children pushing boats through the fountain and how I was going to conquer the world. Yeah, I was one of those kids, a little scruffy, overly pretentious, chasing ghosts of Joyce and Sylvia Beach. Ah, young idealism. Here are a few of my favorite blogs, in no particular order, that keep me fantasizing about running off to Paris.
  • Paris Daily Photo, you know.
  • Little Brown Pen is gorgeous. I especially love Nichole's Paris Color Project. I'd love to do something like that for the District. Basically, this blog is everything I wish I could do with mine.
  • From Me To You is not just about Paris. The rest of the blog is pretty too, but the Paris section is so pretty it aches a little.
  • Codzienny Paryz, Elsa's daily Paris photo blog, is not just gorgeous, but also impressively trilingual.
  • David Lebovitz: living the sweet life in Paris covers my two favorite topics--Paris and food. That makes this blog just about perfect. But before you click, just a warning, don't lick your screen, folks.
If I missed your favorite, please let me know. I'm always looking for new sites to while away the day.

Now, back to DC! On Friday afternoons in the summer, a jazz band sets up next to the fountain and the entire park fills up with picnickers sharing cool pitchers of sangria sold from carts around the garden. And when there's a blanket covered with an assortment of cheese and desserts and surrounded by a group of good friends, it's better than daydreaming.

Inside the garden as it rained.


  1. I like three Paris blogs, two by Americans who visit it when they can and share an obsessive olove for the city, and one by an expat Swede who moved to Paris after he retired. They are Paris and Beyond (Genie), Paris Through My Lens (Virginia) and Peter's Paris (Peter, the Swede). Genie is from Mobile and Virginia is from Birmingham, so they, too, are Southerners, though older than you. Peter's is encyclopedic.

  2. Thanks, Jack! Your recommendations should keep me busy for a while!

  3. Thank you very much for listing me and my trilingual (but not so regular city blog!)! :)