Monday, August 22, 2011

Browse the Archives

It's that time of year when even pictures of the National Archives, normally one of my favorite sights in DC, is spoiled by a giant tour bus. I rarely feel those waves of patriotism that seem to wash over crowds of people at ball games, but there's something about knowing that possibly the most important and influential documents in the modern world are housed in this building, a short walk from my front door. It gets me.

Sadly, it's also that time of the year when full panic mode sets in as exams loom. So feel free to browse my own archives for a few days, and I'll see you next Monday.


  1. About eight years ago, the National Archives had a traveling exhibition of many important documents and objects. One stop on the tour was the University of Hartford, and I volunteered to give some tours to school kids. It was fun for me and informative for the kids.

    Good luck on the exams. Don't let a raging hurricane right outside your window distract you during the exams!!!

  2. haha thanks, Jack! It was really the earthquake the was a tad distracting. Busy week!