Monday, November 7, 2011

Occupying, Marching, Singing

I went out a few nights ago to get Wonky Fries. (That's poutine to you guys in Canada, disco fries if you're from Philly.) If you don't know--Wonky Fries are French fries covered in gravy and cheese and sold from with Wonky Truck, one of the most popular food trucks in DC.  I saw via Twitter that they were in the neighborhood, so I thought I'd run out for a snack.  They didn't say why they were in the neighborhood.... And I found myself in the middle of an Occupy DC Rally.

The picture on the left shows the crowd watching videos projected on the side of the Washington Convention Center.  If you want a better idea of what it was like down on the street, I took a short video (NSFW language).

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