Sunday, April 10, 2011

Monsters! Planes! Kites!


Today was the National Kite Festival, which always coincides with the National Cherry Blossom Festival. In full disclosure, I was detained from attending this year's kite day, so I'm posting shots from last year's.

The Red Baron was my favorite by far. I want this kite. When I was little, my school had a kite day every spring. One year I had this great shiny, black stingray kite. I was certain it would incite kite-envy amongst all the other seventh graders. Instead, they teased me relentlessly, saying that I had made my kite out of trash bags. Kids are such jerks. Now at...well, a lot older, I still want to have the coolest kite in the park. These kites would make everyone jealous.

I'm pretty sure this was also flown by an adult, holding possessively to the spool and saying, "Take that seventh graders!"


  1. Great action shots!
    Wish I could have been there.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Gunn / Norway