Thursday, April 7, 2011

Summer of Food Trucks: CapMac

Everyone has high expectations in the spring. The air is fresh and warm. Life is renewed and in bloom. Liberated from the oppression of grey winter, and faced with the prospect of a flabby bikini season, people everywhere renew their New Year's resolutions, and decide to get healthy and active. My goal: to eat from as many food trucks as possible this summer.

If you're unfamiliar with the food truck craze, it's exactly what it sounds like. They're roving restaurants that drive around the city, park by the curb, tweet their location, and people come out to buy whatever they're selling, whether it's cupcakes, salad, pie, or even lobster. There's also a website and app that plots local trucks on a Googlemap. The unappetizing pic you see above is the mac and goat cheese with broccoli pesto and spicy breadcrumbs ($8) from CapMac, which specializes in variations on mac and cheese. To my utter disappointment, it wasn't really that good. Maybe I had oversold it to myself. But, come on, mac and cheese made with goat cheese! Of course there are high expectations! But there was no creamy, tangy chevre to be found, only milky white sauce buried underneath green paste and breadcrumbs. And five minutes later, you'd swear you had a garlic lollipop.

So that brings me to my second goal: to make the mac and chevre that I had hoped for. If I succeed, I'll give you the recipe. Until then, bring on the trucks!

To be continued...

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