Sunday, April 3, 2011

Well, There's One Solution

As I'm pulling shots from my archives to fill the time during my semi-hiatus, I'm still going through the dozens of shots from my nearly 2 weeks in the Chevy Chase neighborhood. This one is taken from Connecticut Ave., which is a heavily trafficked thoroughfare in DC. Instead of spending the budget on crosswalks, Chevy Chase had the ingenious idea to just use flags instead. It seemed like the perfect solution. You don't have to pay for and maintain crosswalk lights. The bright orange flags decrease the risk of accidents involving pedestrians, because, apparently, speeding motorists are more likely to stop for orange flags than the giant white, "zebra crossing," as you Brits call them. However, there are still a few kinks. By around noon or so, all the flags from the far side of the street, near the residential area, end up stuck on the near-side, where the shops, restaurants, and bus terminal are located. And there they stay for most of the day.


  1. An innovative idea. Beautiful shot.

  2. Isn't this unusual. That is a pretty wide and busy avenue to control only with little orange flags. It seems like a pretty cavalier approach to safety.

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