Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Outside Office of the Day!

As I mentioned before, I often take my work out of the house, find a nice place to sit for a few hours, and let the city be my office. For a while now, I've annoyed my Facebook friends by, not only filling up their feeds with my photos, but with my frequent "Office of the Day" shots. For months, these pics have been from toasty cafes where I'm clutching steaming cups of coffee and trying to stay warm. But yesterday, ah yesterday, I had my first Outside Office of the Day since probably last June. And it was glorious.


  1. Hi. I like your DC photoblog. I used to live in Fairfax, VA 20 years ago so enjoy your photos. In your profile, you state you were an english grad student. You might want to correct the grammatical mistake in your sentence. it should read, 'an' english and not 'a' english. ;-)

    take care.

  2. Nice office, Lorin. I don't know where the Historical Society of Washington DC is.

    You could, of course, inform your lead commenter today that in your profile you state that you are an English grad student, not that you "were" one. :)

    Profile wars! Grammar wars!

  3. Thanks, raskoliinov, I'll take that into consideration. Trust me, I am well-grounded in grammar and punctuation, as well as the capitalization of proper nouns. ;)However, I am prone to typos, and you'll probably find a few more here and there. Since I specialize in British literature, I must lean on Pope: To err is human.

    Jack, the Historical Society is in the middle of Mt. Vernon Sq., between Chinatown and the Convention Center. haha There are a few subjects upon which one never wants to go to battle with me. They are: grammar, academic freedom, 90s pop songs, and the merits of Easter novelty candies.