Thursday, February 17, 2011

Once I built a tower.

Despite the economic turmoil of the last few years, DC continues its building boom. Of course, with any construction, there must also be destruction. DC's traditional styles of architecture are being overshadowed, then consumed entirely, by the high-rise residential buildings like these. The good news with all of this gentrification is lower crime rates; the bad news is skyrocketing rents, and, of course, the loss of so many beautiful buildings like the one in the middle. But it's not just the buildings we're losing, it's also the expanse of open sky above. Click here for a closer view of the smaller building on the left (or here if you'd like to hear the old song the title references).


  1. We're too small a city to really have many high rise buildings here, but it's a shame to lose character buildings

  2. I love DC, but Winchester just might have us beat when it comes to historic architecture. I'll be in the UK for a little while in the fall; hopefully, I'll be able to visit a few of my favorite old buildings in Winchester.