Sunday, February 27, 2011

Signs of Decay

My compulsion for punning got the best of me. There are a few old buildings in the District that still have their original signs hanging. This one is a landmark, not just because of its age and location (pretty close to downtown DC, around popular bars, etc.), but also for its origins. Thomas Walker Furniture is infamous in law school courses and economics classes all over the United States because of its unfair contractual negotiations.


  1. Very nice post and photo, again, Lori. I went to law school, but I must have missed class when this case was discussed, or my contracts professor used a different casebook.

    I like the geometry and the play of textures in this photo.

  2. Thanks, Jack! My self-tutelage in photography may finally be starting to come together, since I'm actually noticing things like texture and geometric lines everywhere I look now.