Friday, July 22, 2011

As promised...

Remember years ago when you thought a pack of Poptarts was a respectable breakfast? Have you eaten one since then? They aren't nearly as tasty or as nutritious as you might remember. The "home-made" poptarts from Ted's Bulletin are as delicious as you remembered those foil-packaged pastries. I hadn't planned on posting the photo here, so I didn't go through the trouble "styling" or finding the best light (i.e. I didn't embarrass myself in public by spinning the plate around and jumping from booth to booth) to illuminate both the sugary glaze with colorful sprinkles and the thick strawberry-jam filling. It was real jam, folks. With real strawberry seeds. Not...whatever that stuff is that's in Poptarts. Don't get me wrong; I'm not really a food snob, and I still enjoy the occasional Poptart, usually with a cup of Earl Grey, you know, to class it up. But Ted's version tastes better than nostalgia. Now, if only they'd serve Chef Boyardee.