Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yale Laundry

On most days, I don't get a chance to get out on picture-taking expeditions. There's not very much of interest between my house and the metro station and the metro station and my job. The walk is made a little more interesting by the ease and just plain fun of the photo apps on my phone. I use any combination of Instagram, Hipstamatic, and Retro Camera. Hipstamatic is particularly fun because there are a lot of films you can choose from, each of which has a different effect when paired with a different lens. You can set the app to "randomize" and just shake the camera to make all the settings change. Just walking around taking random shots can produce really interesting results. This for instance, is the Yale Laundry chimney, smokestack, whatever you want to call it. The laundry was turned into luxury lofts several years ago, but, thankfully, they kept the chute.


  1. It may very well be! This is a pretty old part of DC, and a lot of the buildings are from the 1860s-1890s. Now, the ones that can't be gentrified are torn down to make way for shiny new condo buildings. If I haunted my neighborhood, I'd probably not be very happy about it.