Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Looking Down: stikman!

If you've walked around DC much (or NYC, Philly, or--on the other coast--San Francisco) you've probably seen "stikman," a tiny yellow creature that looks as though he was flattened on the pedestrian crossing. When I first moved to DC, I thought it must have been some kind of official "crossing" symbol because they were everywhere, but what would be the point of having a pedestrian mascot if no one knew anything about him? Give me a break; I was new to the ways of the big city. Pedestrian mascot could totally be a thing. After I had been here a while and was learning more about the DC's street art scene, I started hearing a thing or two about the artist, stikman, and his eponymous figure. This guy was crossing the street at H & 8th, but if you go a little further down the street, you can follow him across 7th and Mass Ave.


  1. Too funny... I've never seen those in Seattle...

  2. Fascinating little thing! It could start a trend..