Thursday, July 21, 2011

This! Just! In!

Despite its retro feel, Ted's Bulletin opened just over a year ago and was an instant favorite on Barracks Row in DC's Eastern Market neighborhood. On the weekend when the market is filled with people, the wait for a table is over an hour. On a weekday afternoon, you're much more likely to be get a table before passing out. Ted's calls itself a family restaurant, but it's not exactly Applebee's. They serve a lot of old favorites, like meatloaf dinners, chicken fried steak, and all-day breakfast. There are also quite a few interesting options though, like the Walk of Shame Breakfast Burrito, which, according to the menu, includes "sirloin steak, scrambled eggs, hash browns, cheddar, green chile [sic] sauce." There's a burger with bacon and peanut butter, and one called "The Sloppiest Joe." I can attest to its superlative sloppiness. There's a full bar, an extensive cocktail list, and....a milk shake menu. They have the standard tripartite, plus, flavors like Oreo, Orange Push-Up, and PB&J, along with.....ADULT MILKSHAKES--you heard me--in flavors like Grasshopper, The Nutty Professor, and Mocha Kahlua. The pastry chef also makes a "home-made poptart" that...well, more on that later. ;-)


  1. I was with you on the meatloaf, but fell off on some of the later entrees. Still, it looks like an enjoyable spot, so long as you roto-rooter your arteries after the meal.

  2. Being from the south, I spent years in training before subjecting my arteries to the rigorous demands of Ted's.