Friday, July 29, 2011

Edison Place

If you were to take a walk with me as I left my frequent Office of the Day (and here), we wouldn't exit this side, actually, but the opposite side of the building, so we wouldn't pass Daguerre. We might glance down the street, toward Chinatown and the Verizon Center, or stop off for coffee. Then we'd pass through Edison Place, above, where reflections of reflections bounce endlessly off of modern buildings, but open up for a view of historic buildings, like the DC Museum in the distance. We'd see a few of these guys along the way, before passing by NPR, then past a few of the recently opened bars and nightclubs and arts centers. I'd point out where a few things used to be here and there, walking toward the new condos. Maybe we'd stop at Busboys and Poets for an early dinner or happy hour. Then we'd wish each other a good evening and agree to do it again soon, though we probably wouldn't, but, still, it was a good day spent with great company.

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