Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Glow of Nostalgia

I loved this building the first time I saw it, as in the I heard Puccini in my head kind of love. It's a combination of DC's traditional brownstone architecture, but with the colors and ironwork of New Orleans. It looks like one of those candy-colored Victorian houses from an old Judy Garland musical. I immediately pulled out my camera to take this shot. The home, which is also a bed & breakfast, was undergoing renovations at the time, and, although the porch has been beautifully rebuilt and restored, I haven't managed to get a shot that captures in light what I felt the day I excitedly moved into my new neighborhood.


  1. Do you still stay in this neighborhood? You're lucky to be in such a beautiful place! That building is definitely gorgeous! The ironwork is attractively designed!

    Carl Patten

  2. Yes, Carl, I still live down the street. And it is a charming neighborhood.