Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Picture Show.

The Avalon Theatre has been showing movies in the Chevy Chase neighborhood since the 1920s. A few years ago, the previous owners declared bankruptcy, and the cinema closed for a few years. The neighborhood rallied around the landmark, and it reopened as a not-for-profit movie house. There are only two screens, with one playing a recent release and the other a foreign, classic, or independent film. Right now they're screening Adjustment Bureau and Poetry, which looks particularly depressing. But if you need to perk yourself up for either of these films, the Avalon Theatre Cafe serves a variety of wines and beers, pastries, and local favorites like Swing's coffee and Moorenko's ice cream.


  1. A great way to save the past for the future while at the same time entertaining the people.

  2. I'm glad the movie theater has been preserved. I like the old places much more than the huge megaplexes.