Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kryptic Antipodes

This is Jim Sanborn's sculpture "Antipodes" that stands outside the Hirshhorn Museum. The sculpture includes two large, curved metal sheets joined by a petrified log (not visible here). It is based on one of Sanborn's earlier works "Kryptos," which Sanborn did for the CIA Headquarters. One panel has has text from an encoded CIA message, while the other panel is in cyrillic and is an encoded message from the KGB.


  1. That is interesting. There is a similar pair in Fort Myers, Florida, outside a museum. I haven't checked to see who the sculptor is. At night it casts wonderful letter-form lights on everything nearby.

  2. That's Sanborn as well! Here's a website that has many photos of his works in the series, including a shot of the Old Post Office in Fort Myers.